What is a Phishing Simulation?

Emails are frequently used as a means of stealing your credentials and launching a targeted cyberattack on organisations. It is easy for employees to fall prey to the ever increasing sophistication of a ‘spoof’ email.

Our simulations are an integral component in creating awareness which closely mimics real phishing emails. This helps to train your staff to identify the warning signs of a potentially malicious email.

Why should I run a phishing simulation?

Phishing is still the number one way for cyber criminals to launch an attack on a different sectors. Using simulations as part of your awareness training equip your last line of defence with the knowledge and armoury they need to identify such attempts and keep your organisation protected.

Phishing simulations are conducted in a fun and inclusive manner and help to create a culture of cyber awareness within an organisation.

Phishing Simulations often yield a much higher success rate than you may expect, offering a useful tool in identifying the level of cybersecurity awareness within your organisation and may be helpful in increasing or maintaining your security budget.

How does a phishing simulation work?

We work with you to tailor an email specifically targeted to your organisation. Once deployed the results are closely monitored, any employees who click on the link are shown an educational video and a report of results is generated for your review at the commencement of the campaign. The primary goal is not to single out individuals but to educate your team to be able to successfully identify and report ‘spoof’ emails to increase cyber resiliency.

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