Experience our difference

Sentaris offers specialist IT security services within Australia and internationally.  Our extensive business and specialised IT experience allows us to understand our client’s requirements and provide individually tailored solutions.


Penetration Testing

Sentaris provides a suite of security assurance services ranging from web, mobile, network and infrastructure penetration testing, through to red-teaming, social engineering, secure code reviews and security governance.  Our services are tailored to help our customers put effective controls in the right places to help them improve their security posture and reduce their risk of breach

Incident Response

Through experience gained in dealing with cyber attacks in some of Australia’s largest organisations, Sentaris are able to respond both technically and from an incident management perspective. We provide our clients guidance, direction, structure and support throughout all stages of an incident including chain of custody

Man providing a managed service session

Managed Service

Through a managed service, Sentaris help organisations to build a more robust, secure and compliant business environment. From technical services to governance oversight, we help ensure business processes apply correct security practices from the beginning, reducing the need for rework and decreasing overall project risk.

Man providing security consulting services


Sentaris provides a number of consulting services pertaining to IT security, governance, secure coding practices, security awareness training, risk assessment, threat assessment and other fields according to your organisational need. Sentaris’ experienced consultants work closely with your organisation’s stakeholders to understand your business needs and provide the best solution and service.

Footprint Assessments

Digital Footprint Assessment is a service designed for individuals or companies to understand their online threats. Sentaris utilises both proprietary and opensource intelligence services to gather as much information about a target as possible.

Security Policies

Policies are at the heart of all mature ISMS implementations.  Having policies and procedures documented, communicated and acknowledged by the right audience helps to ensure the compliance of controls and assists with security audits.  Security policies and procedures provide clarity to employees, clients, investors, senior management and board regarding the protective, detective and preventative controls in place to manage a broad range of security risks.