We have you covered in a crisis

Through experience gained in dealing with cyber attacks in some of Australia’s largest organisations, Sentaris are able to respond both technically and from an incident management perspective. We provide our clients guidance, direction, structure and support throughout all stages of an incident and can also assist with chain of custody if required.

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In the middle of an incident the quickest way to lose control is to not have a plan. So regardless of the capability of your security team, having an incident response plan means the difference of days when it comes to containment.

We help our clients prepare for incidents through a variety of techniques. They can work to highlight possible deficiencies in existing controls including:

  • Incident Simulations
  • Creation of response plans and
  • Playbooks
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Incident Management / Analysis

Sentaris has you covered through a crisis. Our experience gained from management of cyber-attacks on some of Australia’s largest organisations, mean our clients receive guidance, direction, and support in all aspects of incident management. We can ether respond technically or manage the entire incident from start to finish.

Fingerprint analysis


Sentaris specialises in all IT aspects of security investigations. From collecting appropriate information and assisting with in-house investigations through to coordinating a full scale investigation on your behalf. Investigations can be called upon for internal staff issues and external factors.

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