Optimise your Business Environment

Through a managed service, Sentaris help organisations to build a more robust, secure and compliant business environment.  From technical services to governance oversight, Sentaris can help ensure business processes apply correct security practices from the beginning to reduce the need for rework and decreasing overall project risk.  We focus on a number of key areas including incident planning, vulnerability management, operational security governance and project management.


Sentaris can oversee your IT operations whether in-house or outsourced. From Security Change Management to Controls Testing and Vulnerability Management, we help you to identify and formulate the best strategy to ensure a better governance of your security.

Incident Response Retainer

Ensure you have somebody to call upon when an incident strikes. Sentaris can provide you with a team of experienced response professionals. From incident identification through to investigations, our professionals can ensure you have the knowledge, process and support your need at this critical time.

Vulnerability Management

In today’s world where information is everywhere and so readily available, a vulnerability management strategy is a must for organisations that aim to remain proactive. Sentaris provides a range of vulnerability management solutions and aim to provide a fit for purpose vulnerability management strategy such as monthly internal and external assessments to ensure a regular health check of your assets.


Deploying Security Controls only provides a certain amount of protection. Mature Security operations includes regular checking of security tools and assets for indicators of compromise. This is often referred to as hunting. There are times when you may suspect something is wrong, but have definitive evidence. In these times, Sentaris can strategically search your systems for these signs of compromise, potentially highlighting breaches you didn’t know you had.

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