Reset your Security Roadmap

Our assurance services aim to identify issues and gaps in an organisations security posture and assist businesses to reset and design their security roadmap.  We understand there is no one-size-fits-all in cyber-security and tailor our services to help our customers put effective controls in the right places.  Sentaris services help businesses to improve their security posture and reduce the risk of a system breach.

Our work with different sectors

Sentaris prides itself on understanding the nuances of our customers sector. This allows us to tailor our testing and advice based on the unique threats, constraints, or regulations that affect different sectors.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing focuses on locating weaknesses in your systems before an attacker does. Sentaris security consultants have extensive experience in testing some of Australia’s largest and most complex systems.

Our testing methodology blends a baseline of automated testing with a heavy focus on manual assessment and testing of high-risk components. Furthermore, our methods and practices extend beyond traditional testing while we delve into high-risk business logic issues.  This approach has the advantage of being cost-effective and comprehensive while focusing on high-risk, high-impact weaknesses.

  • Web App Penetration Test
  • Corporate Network Penetration Test
  • Mobile Penetration Test

Red Teaming

Sentaris’ Scenario Testing service (aka Red-teaming) is a Penetration Testing methodology that moves away from the traditional testing of systems and applications. It focuses on real-world compromises that your business relies on such as:

  • Theft of customer data
  • Financial information
  • Other sensitive intellectual property.

Scenario Testing has the advantage of simulating the methodology used by attackers. This provides your organisation a more comprehensive assessment across a broader range of controls. These include traditional technical controls, physical security, businesses processes and user awareness. Scenario Testing provides greater assurance against sophisticated cyber attacks.

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Vulnerability Assessment

New vulnerabilities are disclosed daily.  Unless quickly detected and remediated in your environment, they can leave systems open to exploitation by attackers. Sentaris can provide you with a regular vulnerability assessment service using specialised, automated tools to remotely assess your systems for publicly disclosed vulnerabilities. A regular vulnerability assessment program can highlight new and existing vulnerabilities in your environment. This will lead to a reduction in organisational risk.

Wifi Assessment

Almost all businesses use and rely on wireless networks for access to critical and confidential services. Unfortunately, there are many opportunities for misconfiguration, which may lead to attackers gaining unauthorised access to the internal network.

Sentaris Wifi Assessment checks numerous aspects of the wireless configuration, including:

  • Encryption and any cryptographic keys are not easily cracked;
  • Authorisation to the wireless network does not leak credentials;
  • Wireless clients cannot be attacked through rogue access points;
  • Users on the guest wireless network cannot access the internal network;

Internal Posture Assessment

Corporate networks are a goldmine of information to attack and exploit. Yet few organisations have even the most basic measures in place to help protect them.  An internal vulnerability assessment evaluates security from the inside. Looking at ways that individuals located inside the company can exploit network and data assets.  Once an attacker gains a foothold, it is only a matter of time before they reach and potentially compromise valuable data.  Sentaris ensures its customers have a strong foundation in place to detect, contain and respond to such threats.  We have a wealth of experience in both design, implementation and testing of security controls and ensure our clients internal corporate network is underpinned by strong, relevant and current security practices.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is a process attackers use to trick employees to divulge confidential or personal information that they can use to build and execute attacks against an organisation. Sentaris can test both your employees, and systems, for resilience against a targeted attack.

Secure Code Review

Security code review is the process of auditing application source code to ensure that the best practice security controls are implemented. Sentaris will help you identify vulnerabilities within your application before discovered by malicious actors.  This practice is extremely effective at eliminating most previously unidentified vulnerabilities within an application. It ensures systems are more secure and protects business assets and reputation.

Control Effectiveness Testing

Security Controls are often tested for usability, but seldom for their effectiveness of mitigating the threats they are implemented to protect.  We use our extensive security and business experience to assess your existing security controls against the latest security threats. We ensure your controls are not only effective, but relevant to the modern security landscape.

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