Expert IT and Security Consulting Services

Our team of consultants have significant experience leading IT and security teams in some of Australia’s largest organisations. Our experience spans from building security teams, their processes and tools through to performing gap assessments of internal policies and standards.

Security Consulting

Sentaris provides a range of security consulting services. From development of your security department to policy development and reviews, we can provide you a range of services depending on your needs.

Security Architecture Review

Organisations are often in a constant state of technical flux as networks and applications change. Security Architecture reviews ensure that the project will not implement a design that undermines or weakens existing security controls. Sentaris Consultants work closely with our customer’s security architecture and project teams to gather the information required. We then review the architecture and design documentation to ensure they are aligned with project objectives.

Risk Assessments

Sentaris consultants work with organisations to identify security risks, analyse them and define a risk strategy to improve overall posture. This process is commenced through evaluation of an organisation’s risk and a risk assessment.  Our goal is to provide important, fit-for-purpose and measurable recommendations to improve risk posture, that ensure security risks are identified and remediated.

Threat Assessment

In order to understand the threat posed to an organisation, Sentaris believe the various paths of attack must be understood. Through the use of threat trees, Sentaris will help organisations identify the key areas of risk to your business, how they may arrive and what their goals may be. Sentaris can help you implement controls to isolate, circumvent and mitigate such risks before an attack takes place.

Security Awareness

Sentaris can help educate employees on how to reduce organisational risk through regular, tailored training. This aims to increase end-user awareness to threats they face during the course of business. We believe that every organisation is different. Therefore, security awareness education comes through regular, custom training sessions. This aims to drive behavioural change and ultimately, help organisations improve their risk posture, and thereby reduce risk from cyber-threats.

Phishing Simulation

Phishing simulations are designed to help reduce the potential business impact and operational damage of a possible phishing attack by educating users to be vigilant when receiving such emails, understanding the risks associated with malicious email interaction and what to do if they are affected.

The objectives of the phishing simulation are to:

  • Identify the staff that respond to the phishing email
  • Execute the phishing simulation to all users (as provided by the customer)
  • Report email results
  • Provide video education on phishing and questionnaire to affected staff members.
  • Educate all staff on the risks associated with Phishing attacks.

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