Policy Assessment, Creation and Implementation

Policies are at the heart of all mature ISMS implementations.  Having policies and procedures documented, communicated and acknowledged by the right audience helps to ensure the compliance of controls and assists with security audits.  Security policies and procedures provide clarity to employees, clients, investors, senior management and board regarding the protective, detective and preventative controls in place to manage a broad range of security risks.

Policy Creation

Sentaris works with our customers and their desire or requirement to comply with a variety of designated security frameworks and standards.  We review current policies and assist in their uplift as the creation of new policies.

Generic ISMS Implementation

Having an efficient and functioning ISMS is something that all organisations dream of. ISMS helps to increase productivity and ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and resources.
During an ISMS implementation, Sentaris identifies the current level of maturity and helps create policies and processes that uplift the people, processes and tools of an organisation.

ISO 27001

ISO27001 is considered the most efficient and recognised security standard worldwide. Organisations that have implemented ISO27001 and obtained certification benefit by qualifying for more tenders and projects.  The certification is highly regarded by both potential clients and suppliers and brings with it a level of confidence, safety & privacy.

ISO 27001 Guidance

Implementing ISO27001 requirements and controls can be a large project. It requires time, resources and most of all, the endorsement and support of the organisation top management and main stakeholders. Sentaris’ guidance helps our customers get over the finish line.

ISO 27001 Gap Assessment

Through a detailed Gap Analysis process, Sentaris assists organisations in determining where they sit on the ISO27001 path and outline what the next steps are to becoming compliant.